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    The University of Virginia’s website recently published an interesting profile of three UVA law students who opted to spend their third year abroad.

    UVA offers third-year students five opportunities for spending a year abroad. Students can earn credit and concurrent degrees from the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (France), Bucerius Law School in Hamburg (Germany), the University of Nottingham (the UK), the Melbourne Law School (Australia), and the Auckland Law School (New Zealand).

    One of the students profiled described his class schedule at the Institut d’d’Études Politiques de Paris as “grueling.” His program condensed two years of courses into one, entailing as much as 30 hours of class per week — all conducted in French. However, he thought the experience was well worth the hard work. His professors, who included the chief justice of the French supreme court, were “fantastic,” and he gained an understanding of international business that will helpful to him as a summer associate in a Texas firm with a growing international practice. He will graduate with law degrees from both UVA and the Institut d’d’Études Politiques, the latter of which will allow him to sit for the French bar exam.

    For more information, see “Law Studies Go Global” on the Inside UVA website (http://www.virginia.edu/insideuva/finals_law.html).



    I think UVA is a great law school. Would love to go there. But wouldn’t you need to have a job lined up already if you go overseas your 3rd year? It would be hard to recruit for a US job from overseas, right?


    Yes. Otherwise you would be taking a pretty big chance.

    Good question! [:)]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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